Portrait of My Father

We go down in dreams, and we go down in memory. And yes it is true, the memory of earlier times does return, but in the meanwhile we have been made fearful, and I am not sure it is the same memory that returns. How could it be, because it can no longer be corroborated by the one who was there at the time. (…) Those old familiar snaps of happier times have come to seem less primal, less like photographs of life itself, more like photographs of photographs. Julian Barnes Levels of Life  

The paintings titled Portrait of My Father is a project where both the process of creation and the images themselves reflect the fallibility of human memory. The series of paintings stem from one original portrait painted with Charcoal Grey which is based on the last photograph of my father. Subsequently I press a number of canvases against the original image and with each pressing the reflection becomes more distorted and then almost disappears. The portrait naturally evolves from realistic to abstract. Poignantly the original image does not survive.

Portrait of My Father, series of 13 paintings, oil on canvas, 55x60cm each, 2016